Abuse Prevention Begins with Recognition

By Kimberly Harris ‘15

It is believed that a frog will jump out of a pot of boiling water, but if you place him in a pot and turn it up a little at a time, and he will stay until he is boiled to death. In the same way, abusive relationships don’t usually start out with knockout blows and hospital visits. After the initial “lovey-dovey” phase, subtle hints of controlling behavior begin to creep in. After this, outbursts of anger usually follow with apologizing to placate (eg/ “It will never happen again”). If the relationship is allowed to fester, then classic abusive behavior can be observed. This is a continuous cycle of destruction that can only end if the injured individual chooses to make it stop.

Beloved Former Teacher Passes Away

By Donald Ceus’15, Billy Chen’15

Dorothy Rabinoff, president of the Alumni Association, will be remembered by her Midwood family after suffering a stroke that led to health complications and ultimately, her passing on March 25 at age 84.  She was laid to rest on Thursday, March 27 at Beth Moses Cemetery in Farmingdale, NY.

Young Scientists Compete in PhysicsBowl

By Valerie Lashmanova ‘15 and Julia Zelenko ‘15

Static electricity and the Quantum Theory were only two of the many topics that student had to face as they participated in the annual PhysicsBowl on Wednesday, April 9 in hopes of claiming first prize.

Medical Issues Class Learns About HIV

By Emerald Cazeau ‘15

Photos of people of all ages, both male and female, with swollen glands in their necks and groin, protruding ribs due to the wasting of their muscles, and nodules covering their body, are shown one after the other. Gasps and grunts follow each new picture presented.

SAT Group Makes Studying Easy

By Beyhan Taylan ‘15

In your folder you have your transcript, your recommendations, your extracurricular activities, and your score for the most dreaded exam, the SAT.

LOTE Tutoring Helps Students

By Anna Ng ‘15

¡Atención! Attention! Tutoring will be available every Tuesday after 10th period to students who currently take Spanish or French and need the extra help to prepare for the LOTE exam.

Students Test DNA in Lab

By Richard Oletsky ‘15 

The classroom did not look like any ordinary classroom. It had laboratory equipmment all around, and did not have desks like one would normally see. This is because this wasn’t a classroom, it was a lab.

Currency Debate Challenges Euro Team

By Joanne Lee ‘15

Although the team lost out in the first round for the Euro Challenge at the NY Branch of Credit Suisse Bank on Madison Avenue on March 27, the competition provided the participants an insightful experience.

Teen Apprentice Program Inspires Future Artists

By Keisi Hasani ‘15 

Art shows, cityscapes, and charcoal drawings are some of the wonderful opportunities offered by the Teen Apprenticeship Program (TAP), Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 304.

Athletes’ Sexuality Should Not Matter

By Jesse Grossman ‘15

For years, the idea of a gay athlete in American male professional sports was seen as an impossible idea.  Gay men could not be in a locker room with straight men.  They would not be accepted as members of the team.  People simply would not accept them.  However, in the past year, two athletes, one a perspective draft pick and one a 13-year veteran of his league, have come out.  They have shown that all of these claims were wrong.